CarbChoice (AMY1) – make the right choice for your body and nutritional needs.
Your genes know how well your body can metabolise and tolerate starch in carbohydrates. The CarbChoice profile report is the genetic analysis at the heart of a program designed by trained practitioners to meet your individual needs.

What is your AMY 1 Gene? AMY1 is a gene that produces the enzyme amylase.

If you are:

  • Confused about carbs?
  • Overweight?
  • Unable to lose weight?
  • Having trouble maintaining weight loss?
  • Tired of fad diets?
  • Diabetic or insulin resistant?
  • Gluten intolerant?

Test your AMY 1 gene to help you understand:

  • How effectively do you metabolise and tolerate carbohydrates
  • How effectively do you metabolise and tolerate gluten
  • Do carbohydrates put you at an increased risk of being overweight
  • Do carbohydrates put you at an increased risk of having diabetes
  • How many grams of carbohydrates can you eat per day
  • What type of carbohydrates should you avoid
  • How effectively do you use your carbohydrates for energy

Who should test their AMY 1 Gene?

  • Anyone who wants to understand how their body metabolises and tolerates carbohydrates and make the best dietary choices for themselves.
  • Gluten intolerant or Celiacs
  • Food sensitivities
  • Struggling to lose weight or maintain weight loss
  • Diabetic or insulin resistant
  • Gut dysbiosis under or over growth
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Persistent infections such as thrush or urinary tract infections
  • Have periodontal (gum) disease
CarbChoice Number of copies

What will knowing my AMY1 gene variation tell me?
Lower AMY1 copy number indicates:

  • Reduced amount of enzyme in your saliva needed to break down starch
  • A reduced tolerance of high-starch diets
  • A greater risk or predisposition to obesity
  • Reduced glycaemic control (reduced glucose or blood sugar control)
  • Increased risk for metabolic abnormalities
  • Higher AMY1 copy numbers mean individuals are better adapted to a high-starch diet, lower copy numbers means less tolerance.

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Lynda Schoen is a certified CarbChoice consultant. Book now to find our your AMY1 gene and learn about the CarbChoice program.