Dr Mark Craig Medical Doctor

Dr Mark Craig M.D.

GP with Special Interest in Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine, Disease Prevention and Reversal

Dr Mark Craig is a medical doctor and local General Practitioner (GP). His main interest is treating the causes of diseases rather than the symptoms, as modern medicine tends to do. The peer-reviewed science clearly shows that 80% of our most common chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle factors, particularly poor nutrition. The evidence also demonstrates that they can be prevented, progression may be slowed and even be reversed  by a holistic lifestyle approach, especially by following a plant-based, whole foods diet. The condition list includes heart and stroke disease, diabetes, dementia, autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Even some cancers can respond.

Weight loss is also a major part of Dr Mark’s work, being closely associated or causative of these conditions.

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