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Normally people poop 1 to 3 times a day. This should be soft and easy, not urgent, loose, or crampy. Constipation happens when your large intestine absorbs too much water from your poop, drying it out. This makes it hard and difficult to pass. There are many reasons a person might get constipated.

Soluble Fibre and Insoluble Fibre

Wholegrains, nuts and seeds are well-known as sources of all-important dietary fibre. Do you need soluble fibre? Or insoluble fibre? Can you get your dietary fibre from other sources? Read on to find out.Soluble Fibre. Insoluble Fibre. What is the Difference? How Do...

The Oestrogen-Gut Connection

Oestrogen is an important hormone, and is generally known as the ‘female’ sex hormone, due to it’s important role in womens health and reproduction. The gut is an important player in how oestrogen is metabolised in humans. Find out more

Homemade Rye Sourdough

Super-Easy Rye Sourdough Anyone can bake their own delicious rye sourdough with this super-easy recipe.Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to start making rye bread from a dehydrated sourdough starter. Once you have made your first loaf, steps 1-3 become...

Breath Test Prep Diet

General Requirements For Breath Testing Before commencing your diet, ensure you are familiar with the General Dietary Requirements for Breath Testing. Do not eat anything you know you are allergic to, or know you do not tolerate  - even if it's allowed on the breath...

Psoriasis and the Gut-Skin Axis

Psoriasis is an itchy, scaly, irritating, dry, bothersome skin problem. It commonly affects knees, elbows, trunk and scalp. Considered a chronic condition with no cure, it can interfere with sleep, mental health and social life.

The Importance of Gut Immunity

Have you heard of gut immunity? Did you know that most (about) 70-80% of your entire immune system is centred in your gastrointestinal tract1? But what drives this gut immunity? Let’s explore this topic more! Our microbiome… As you have probably heard, humans host a...

Probiotics for Depression

Depression is challenging. It not only affects the person suffering it, but the treatment of depression is somewhat hit-and-miss. Only about one third of those with major depressive disorders respond to initial drug treatment.[2]It is estimated that about 1 in 20...

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