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House of Health, Natural Health Clinic in Mt Albert, Auckland is the consultation hub of leading naturopath and nutritional consultant, Sharon Erdrich. Through diet, nutrition and herbal medicine, men, women and families can get support with a wide range of health conditions with a special focus on digestive dysfunction. With a core philosophy of enhancing healing from within, Sharon and her team of qualified practitioners aim to identify underlying imbalances and, using a blend of traditional concepts and modern science-backed approaches, work with you restore optimal function.

House of Health clients find this empowering as it provides a non-invasive way to finally claim back your health.

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Sharon Erdrich at House of Health, Natural Health Clinic

Our cutting edge digestive diagnostic tools enable us to
help get your gut in good order again .

About Sharon

Sharon Erdrich is one of New Zealand’s leading natural healthcare professionals. With over 30 years experience, she offers health and nutritional expertise to students of nutrition and naturopathy, health professionals and to private clients ..

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House of Health Services

House of Health provides a diverse range of natural medicine options for the most common types of health conditions. From Aromatherapy to Naturopathy, Food Allergy Testing to Live Blood Analysis and Hormone Tests, your health is in safe hands ..

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Our shop provides the highest quality products including professional cafe-grade blenders, organic essential oils, detox solutions, practitioner-only products and many more. Take a quick shop tour below and be sure to check out our current special deals ..

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Finding House of Health has absolutely changed my life, health and wellbeing.

Sharon is so effective because she is a registered nurse as well as a naturopath which means that the treatment she provides is completely complementary. The sessions of at least an hour mean that Sharon can ask far more indepth questions and get to the root of problems rather than simply putting band aids on them. She is also incredibly knowledgable and picks up on things that many health professionals wouldn’t and as a result my health is steadily improving.

This is well complemented by the other services available at House of Health, particularly Julia Kurusheva, an NLP Master Practitioner whose sessions have been invaluable to my mental and emotional wellbeing.

-Brigitte Ellis