What are the differences between the manual and electronic Omniblenders? If you are looking for the perfect blender to suit your cafe, restaurant or home kitchen, then you need to be in the know. Here are the main differences between the manual Omniblend I and the electronic model Omniblend V. Both are powered by the same grunty 3HP motor, with the same warranty applying to the motor and control panel. Both models fit every jar option (2.0L, 1.5L, 1.5L B-jar), are available in our three fabulous colours: Burgundy, Ebony and Ivory. AND we stock spare parts for all models.

Omniblend I (Manual Model)

The Omniblend I gives total control over your blending, as the operations are fully manual. The control panel has switches and dials which means it’s not as easy to clean as the Omniblend V. ON THE CONTROL PANEL: On/Off Switch,  Pulse Switch, Variable Speed Controls.

Omniblend V (Electronic Model)

The Omniblend V has a flat control panel which is easy to clean plus it has 30, 60 and 90 second speed program cycles so that you can leave the ingredients going and walk away to deal with customers or see to the kids. ON THE CONTROL PANEL: Touch-button settings control the automated 30, 60 and 90 second speed cycles, plus Pulse button. You also have options for manual use at Low, Medium or High Settings – when you press these they will run at that speed until you stop it. To stop blending at any time, simply press any button! Buy Hydrogen Generator