1.5L Jug Set for Omniblender BPA-Free


Square graduated 1.5L jug set for OmniBlender BPA free, complete.

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1.5L jug set for OmniBlender

  • New spare or replacement jar for Omniblend
  • Square jug = easy clean
  • Clear marking for measuring content volume
  • Square lid = can’t put on incorrectly
  • Tamper tool for use when things get stuck
  • Rubber lid with removeable bung
  • Use tamper tool safely through hole in rubber lid (with bung removed)
  • Tamper tool will not reach the blades
  • Six multi-purpose blades – this awesome cutting assembly is suitable for blending either both wet and dry ingredients (separate jugs not necessary)
  • Flat sides, with wide mouth makes it easy to scrape out your creation
  • Replaceable blade/bearing assembly
  • Eastman-Tritan BPA-free
  • Virtually unbreakable – see our video below
  • DIY replacement of blade/bearing assembly, retaining ring (bottom plate) and lid
  • Fits all models of Omniblend.

Will It Break? He’s 100kg. Watch him jump up and down on the Omniblend Jar

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