Blade Assembly


Replacement blade/cutting and bearing unit for all models of OmniBlend


Replacement Blade Assembly for Omniblend Blender

Blade assembly integrated with bearings for the OmniBlender.  6 stainless steel Japanese-made blades, with the newer longblade assembly.

How quickly the cutting unit with bearings wears out depends on how you use your OmniBlender and how often. Commercial users can expect to replace them more often.  Other reasons for bearings wearing include frequent blending of ice, making hot soup (from scratch) often (=longer running time), “dropping” things into the blender while it’s running – whether accidental or deliberate.  (NOTE – this can also damage the drive shaft.)

Replacement is a simple procedure – you can have it done in a minute, so no need to pay for a technician!

When replacing the blade assembly we recommend checking the Drive Socket for wear.  Learn how here.
Optional tool for replacement – bottom plate wrench.

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Weight 0.3 kg