DNA Testing for SNPs


With your raw data (see below) we will generate a report based on your health challenges to determine their likely impact on your health and your susceptibility to chronic disease. As well as what can be done about it!


We offer a DNA analysis service based on data you provide, using OPUS23. This enables us to identify where specific diet and nutritional interventions may be of benefit in addressing your predispositions.

We can work with raw data from 23andMe and AncestryDNA. Neither provide a complete data-set so doing both is advised. With both, we have access to over 3,000 pieces of genetic information. We willl need to know certain things about you, such as your current health challenges, details about your family health-history and what you hope to achieve as the result of this DNA evaluation.

Note that just as a “leaky home” only became a problem when the weather got in, your “weak DNA” is not necessarily a determinant of disease. Evaluating your DNA for health reasons aids in pin-pointing risks, which then enables risk-reduction through targeted strategies (diet, nutrition, lifestyle, avoidance of specific things). Each report is personalised. It is important that if you want a particular risk factor to be looked at, you need to let us know.

Note that the fee charged includes the licence fee we pay to OPUS23 as well as an estimate of the time taken to go through the extensive amount of data your Ancestry/23andMe provide and generate your reports.

Once we have received your raw data and your analysis fee has been paid, you will need to make a one-hour appointment at a time to suit you via www.houseofhealth.gettimely.com/book (or call us on 09 846 5566 to make the booking over the phone). If you are unable to get to our Auckland clinic, this appointment can be conducted over SKYPE.
When you send the sample in, you will need to book an additional one-hour “results” session (not included).

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