Peppermint Stevia Alcohol Free 59mL


Liquid Peppermint Stevia all natural alternative sweetener, zero calories

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Peppermint NuStevia Alcohol Free Liquid is finally here!

Once you have add this to your tea or coffee, yoghurt, or sparkling water (makes an awesome sugar ree soda), you will not know how you lived without it.
This is a superior product. NuNaturals only use Peppermint grown in the Willamette Valley of Oregon -is known to be the best quality Peppermint in the World.

It is great straight out of the bottle – put one drop on the back of your hand and lick . . .  “Wow! Peppermint Candy!”

For individuals that are sensitive to alcohol, this is a product especially for you. For everyone else, the unique sweet taste that the glycerine imparts makes this a favourite of many stevia users. The Alcohol Free Extract has a taste that is mellower than the alcohol based liquids.

7 drops has the sweetness of 1 tsp of sugar.  Without the calories.

BIG TIP: Try Peppermint NuStevia in Chai Tea. Combine with Cocoa Extract and you have Chocolate Mint…heavenly. Add 20 drops of Cocoa extract and 10 drops of Peppermint NuStevia to Greek Yoghurt and you will have the creamiest low calorie, zero fat tastiest treat you have ever eaten. All the flavour and none of the calories.


NuStevia Extract, Water, Vegetable Glycerine (derived from Palm) and Natural Flavours

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