Waihi Bush Flax Original Plus


Organic NZ-grown flaxseed oil with added nutrients to supply you vitamin D, selenium and iodine.

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Flax Original PLUS with a unique blend of RAW, extra virgin flax seed oil, kelp, vitamin D yeast, kale leaf and selenium yeast.

New Zealand soils are low in some key minerals so the addition of food ingredients high in those minerals will help you get the best from your diet

Kelp: A natural source of iodine critically important for thyroid function which regulates your metabolic rate.

Vitamin D yeast: Vitamin D is essential for metabolising calcium into bone and supports a strong immune system, helping maintain muscle and joint health, support cardiovascular health and brain function.

Selenium yeast: NZ soils are short of selenium which is essential for an effective immune system. It is a powerful antioxidant and supports tissue elasticity and resilience.

Kale: This super-food is high in vitamin k which supports building strong bones, reduces inflammation throughout the body and supports the immune system.

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