Latimer Clark, Reg Naturopath and Medical Herbalist (BNatMed)

Latimer Clark (Reg Naturopath and Medical Herbalist)

Latimer Clark is a degree qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist (BNatMed). His involvement with healthcare came about through helping his daughters overcome substantial health issues. Frustration with the standard medical approach of simply treating symptoms led him to the Naturopathic approach, which provided the knowledge and tools to address the root causes of his daughters’ illness and poor health.

Inspired by this experience and finding other people were also looking for holistic and natural ways to deal with disease and maintain good health, led him to study Naturopathy and set up practice to help others with their health challenges and journeys.

With a background in sciences, Latimer is drawn to evidence based, holistic and pragmatic approaches to health, helping clients take control of their lives, by addressing the core aspects of genetics, nutrition and lifestyle that will help them achieve health and happiness.

Areas of particular interest include:

  • Gut Issues – SIBO, leaky gut and the microbiome
  • Metabolic Issues – Hypertension, high blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Genetics – How this can influence your health
  • Immune function – Lung, gut and autoimmune conditions
  • Nutrition – Diet, deficiencies, food intolerances and allergies
  • Fasting – Time restricted, intermittent and full fasts
  • Men’s healthProstate, vitality
  • Longevity – Avoiding major disease and maintaining health in old age


In an initial appointment Latimer will listen to your story and health objectives and provide realistic dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as evidence-based supplements and clinical testing recommendations.

Latimer looks forward to working with you to improve your health.

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Excellent4.9 review us onVida McCordVida McCord ★★★★★ Emma is such a knowledgeable practitioner who breaks down information in a way I can really understand and feel motivated to integrate. Her warm, calm, yet really professional nature lets you know your health is in safe hands.Hanna McLeayHanna McLeay ★★★★★ I have seen Emma for help around my thyroid health and gut issues. She makes scientific things so easy to understand. I've now really been able to take control of my own health through her coaching. She's amazing!Sofia BofillSofia Bofill ★★★★★ I've had an incredible experience with Paloma Velasquez at House of Health. She has helped me overcome gut issues, allergies and hormonal problems that other doctors did not have a solution for. She is very thorough and professional, and has accomodated treating me via video calls (I am based in Australia). I would highly recommend!RuruRuru ★★★★★ Emma is amazing! She has been helping me with some long term issues and has been a huge help, wealth of knowledge and amazing at providing a big picture view when I have been stuck in the trenches. She has worked incredibly hard at drilling down to find solutions and I can wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone wanting to get on top of their health issues.kristin dykstrakristin dykstra ★★★★★ House of Health has been awesome. I suffer migraines and I have been supported by Verity with a naturopath plan. I am still on my journey but after one month I have seen improvements in my energy and ability to focus at work. Verity is amazing to work with! She is super calm, patient and genuine. It is evident she really cares about her clients. I highly recommend her and House of Health in general 🙂Jan ThorburnJan Thorburn ★★★★★ I went to Sharon at House of Health several years ago having been diagnosed with Crohns by the hospital. I no longer have a Chrohns diagnosis. I believe that is due to Sharon's careful, very informed care and guidance at House of Health.Magdalena BofillMagdalena Bofill ★★★★★ Paloma Velasquez is a fantastic naturopath who has made significant a difference in my quality of life during my menopause transition. I totally recommend her!Clara ChaconClara Chacon ★★★★★ I decided to try with natural medicine years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with asthma, and they wanted to medicate her with inhalers. I was fortunate to find Paloma Velasquez, and thanks to the customized formulas she did for my daughter, the herbs, and some dietary changes, my daughter has been asthma-free for over 2 years. Incredibly grateful to her dedication and highly recommended for her professionalism.Leon ErdrichLeon Erdrich ★★★★★ Looks for the cause of the gut problem instead of covering the symptoms. High quality healthcareAndrew Haddleton (GIG Internet Marketing)Andrew Haddleton (GIG Internet Marketing) ★★★★★ I took a family member to see Sharon as they had an ongoing stomach problem. The GP had run tests and prescribed various pills but they didn't make any difference.As soon as Sharon saw the same test results, she immediately identified the probable issue and recommended a new food regime.Over a six-week period, the person dropped 15 kgs, the pain went away and, now looks and feels vastly different.They see the new food options as a long-term lifestyle change.I urge anyone who has a stomach issue to go to see Sharon at House of Health.js_loader

I was hospitalised in April for 4 nights and then again in July for 23 nights with extreme pain and vomiting due to bloating and constipation and nearly had my colon removed. I left the hospital after both visits with no diagnosis and therefore no treatment plan. A friend then referred me to Latimer. I have been working with him for the last 3 months and have found his help invaluable. He took one look at my symptom history and immediately came up with an idea and how to treat it. He is very knowledgeable on both natural remedies and also on medical options. The supplements he prescribed helped treat the underlying cause and also the pain and discomfort associated with my condition. I had further consultations and investigations with gastroenterologists and Latimer has helped me understand the results and guide me as to what further questions I needed to ask. I highly recommend Latimer  – he was a lifesaver for me!


Being healthy most of my life – but, admittedly, grown used to living with some inflammation – it was a bit disappointing to see my eczema return after around 10 years of quiet time. Then, four consequent staph infections made me realise I needed to take some action, as obviously, my immune system (As related to my skin, at least) wasn’t in great shape. I found the House of Health online while looking for some tests, and then had the pleasure of talking with Latimer Clark

During my time with Latimer I found his approach to my concerns very pleasant and he was able to explain to me the basics of a strong immune system, pointing me to some areas of nutrition and diet that I needed to work on. Latimer also suggested some tests that I could do, and following steps following the results of these steps.
Overall, while my journey with Latimer is – perhaps – just beginning, I could not recommend his services enough to other folks.


I highly recommend Latimer as a practitioner. I have been living with Long Covid for a full year, and contacted Latimer in desperate need to look at options for improving my overall health. Since our consultation, the key (and rather obscure) supplement he recommended has changed my life (and I’ve tried just about every supplement in the book!) and within a couple of days I felt better than I had in over a year. It was like someone had turned the lights back on! 

 Latimer also pointed me in the direction of some further learning which has led me down the path of re-training my brain’s neural pathways. The work I did in just 2 short weeks from that has genuinely made an unbelievable difference to my physical and mental health. I’m learning to trust my body and feel happier and more optimistic about my health than I have in a long time. No more Long Covid crashes, and I’m now able to exercise! Unbelievable to think that when I spoke to Latimer I was experiencing days where I couldn’t get out of bed, and was on the brink of walking away from my full time job. I now feel like I can cope with it and there’s still plenty left in the tank at the end of the day/week for me and my family. 

Latimer is very knowledgeable, and listens and responds with empathy. He asks the right questions, and definitely gets results. I wouldn’t be feeling the way I am today without his help, so thank you Latimer!

Diana W

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