Lynda Schoen Clinical Nutritionist (DipNut)

Holistic Clinical Nutritionist

Lynda Schoen Clinical Nutritionist

Lynda has turned her lifelong nutrition passion into a career as a Holistic Clinical Nutritionist graduating from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies with a Diploma of Nutrition.  She is a registered member of the Clinical Nutrition Association.  Lynda works from the House of Health Clinic supporting Sharon Erdrich as well as seeing her own clients.

Lynda guides and empowers her clients through education for optimal health outcomes using whole food nutrition. This includes people with health conditions such as diabetes, auto-immune disease, low energy, weight management, digestive health trouble, women’s health issues, eating disorders, food allergies, sports nutrition and body fat loss.  She uses nutritional coaching, body composition analysis, targeted diet and nutritional interventions, focusing on preventative healthcare and advanced diagnostic testing if necessary.  Lynda works with people holistically to achieve the best individualised, sustainable and optimal health outcomes going forward.

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