Matthias Erdrich (mATTSNZ)

Eyebody Practitioner, Teacher of Alexander Technique. Musician.

Matthias Erdrich, Alexander Technique and Eyebody Teacher

The Eyebody Method

The Eyebody Method is based on principles which integrate and coordinate brain, eyes, and the body.

Neuroscience tells us about the plasticity of the brain. When the brain changes, the eyes and the body follow.

Out of consciousness we can learn to use our vision in a natural and easy way, while including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being in the world.

The principles were developed by Peter Grunwald, out of his personal experience of improving his own myopia (short-sightedness) and astigmatism naturally.

This is not a treatment. Rather, it is about empowering you by teaching you the principles which you can apply for yourself.

Eyebody can also help with anxiousness, stress, brain fog, and low mood.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique (AT) came into being at the beginning of the last century, when F.M. Alexander developed a set of principles which helped him to overcome physical difficulties which he encountered as an actor.

AT looks at how we use and move our body, and how this is connected to our mind.  We can learn to let go of old habits and consciously cultivate a new and natural way of moving and being. It is a grounded, hands-on approach which helps many people worldwide to improve their posture and the way they go about their daily activities, such as extended periods computing, sports, or playing musical instruments.

Learning the AT and applying it in your daily life can help with back and neck pain, poor posture, repetitive strain injury, stress and tension.

Matthias Erdrich

 (ATTSNZ, Eyebody Teacher, Professional Musician)

Born and raised in the Black Forest (Germany), Matthias studied classical music, and in 1995 he completed the training to qualify as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

In 1997 he moved to NZ and then trained and worked with Peter Grunwald, the founder of the Eyebody Method.

Matthias is also a double bass player with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in Auckland. He composes and plays music independently, blending his musical endeavours with his work as an Alexander Technique and Eyebody teacher. He teaches EyeBody Method internationally, currently in Australia, Japan, and Europe.

Matthias brings extensive experience in the field of personal growth, and embodies qualities of compassion, and clarity. He has the ability to hold a safe space in which the work can unfold.

You can contact Matthias directly on 027 280 3450, or use the email form below:

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