Rich Earth certified organic and wildcrafted oils.  Bringing the very best of nature for you to enjoy.

 When purchasing essential oils, one of the most important things to know about is the quality.  Not all essential oils are created equal – many are of very poor quality, adulterated (with synthetic ingredients or cheaper oils) or unsustainably harvested. We choose only pure therapeutic grade essential oils, that are certified pure organic, or ethically wild-crafted. We believe in looking after you and our planet.

How to Use Rich Earth Essential Oils

There are many ways to use essential oils – a few drops in the bath, in a burner or added to a massage lotion are great ways to use most oils.  Some are also fabulous do use as totally natural perfumes.  Rich Earth Rose, Jasmine and Neroli are just some examples – in fact we have them already diluted in organic jojoba oil, so you can use directly on the skin.

We recommend having a nature’s first aid kit on hand for dealing with cuts and abrasions, bites and stings, burns and sunburn, muscle aches and pains, acne and more. Here are our best picks for your medicine cabinet.

Lavender.  Nature’s cureall of the essential oil world.  Aids the healing of burns, cuts, rashes and stings. Calms the nervous system, thus reduces anxiety and aids sleep.

Kunzea. The better tea tree.  Kunzea is known as white tea tree or tick bush and is closely related to the New Zealand Kanuka. Kunzea is unsurpassed for easing the itching and pain of bites and stings. It is an effective antimicrobial and a useful ingredient in a throat gargle. Ideal for muscle aches and pains.

Peppermint. A great choice for stimulating the circulation. Used to improve pain in joints, muscles, relieve headaches, alleviate digestive problems such as reflux and indigestion, reduce fevers and aid breathing problems such as blocked sinuses, asthma and bronchitis

Frankincense. Recently proven to have anti-tumour activity, frankincense is a fabulous additive to any skin care product.  It is anti-inflammatory, heals bruises, reduces scar tissue, as well as calming the nervous system and the breathing. Great for asthmatics

Manuka. From wild-grown manuka trees in the East Cape region of New Zealand, manuka is well known for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Add to creams for treating – and preventing – infected wounds.


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