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Active Elements Mineral Cell Salts

Minerals are the structural and biochemical base upon which everything else in the body is built.Active Elements
Minerals can’t be created by the body – they can only be obtained from what you ingest. Every body requires 12 essential cell salts. These elements are part of the basic make-up of blood and  provide the foundation for enzyme activity in the body, serving as catalysts in energy cycles and multiple cell functions. Salts nourish cells to provide the foundation for a healthy body, by facilitating water balance, removing toxins, elasticity of the cells, sodium-potassium balance, oxygenation and digestion.
Often overlooked when it comes to nutritional supplementation, minerals are essential for thousands of biochemical processes within the body.

We Are All Subject To Mineral Element Imbalances!

As mineral element imbalances in the soil affect the health of plants and animals, so too can imbalances affect the health of us humans as well. We can also suffer imbalances without realising it, because the first signs of a mineral element imbalance are vague and very rarely noticed. If attention is sought for these early symptoms, they are often misdiagnosed and treated as something else. Orthodox medicine quite often treats every symptom as if it were an illness in its own right. This is why a person can be prescribed a whole collection of drugs (particularly evident with the elderly). These early symptoms can be the body’s way of letting us know that something’s wrong. Prevention is always better than cure!

Mineral Element Imbalances are wide-spread and occur for a variety of reasons.

Some identified reasons are:

  • Poor diet
  • The way our food is grown.
  • The way our food is stored and processed.
  • Our body may have difficulty in absorbing some minerals from our food.
  • Even if absorbed, they may not be utilised properly.
  • Drinking and smoking.
  • Physical and mental stress.
  • A genetic predisposition for imbalances to exist or develop.

Mineral imbalances do not usually occur overnight. What emerges first, are vague symptoms that are usually ignored or interpreted as insignifcant.
By rebalancing your minerals you can get back on track to wellbeing.

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The fundamental principle of the Active Elements concept is that mineral imbalances impact adversely on the body’s natural state of wellbeing.
The Active Elements formulas are a combination of low-dose and/or homeopathically prepared mineral compounds. It’s this dual level mineral platform, combined with a lactose and gluten free
base, that Active Elements believe is important for better health outcomes.
The 12 mineral compounds used in the Active Elements formulas have been in constant use for many generations. The long history of use of these particular minerals separates this traditional therapy from the multitude of other forms of mineral supplements that are in use today.

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Special Mineral Relationships

Special biochemical relationships exist between the various cation and anion (positively vs negatively charged) elements. These relationships not only increase the therapy’s effectiveness, but also reduce the number of elements required and therefore, the number of formulas to be taken.
The Active Elements concept has completely transformed a previously complicated and confusing therapy into one that’s readily accessible to a wide range of people, including those who would not normally choose Complementary or Alternative Medicine.

The Active Elements Concept in a Nutshell

The Active Elements® system is based upon the mineral salts of, Potassium phosphate, Potassium sulphate, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, Sodium phosphate, Sodium sulphate, Calcium phosphate, Calcium sulphate, Calcium fluoride, Magnesium phosphate, Iron phosphate and Silicon dioxide. Each of these inorganic mineral salts is made-up of a positively and negatively charged element. The positively charged element is called the ’Cation’, and the negatively charged element is called the ‘Anion’. Through electrical attraction these cations and anions are bound together to form ‘Mineral Salts’.

Science generally only considers the role that the ‘cation’ plays in the body. Active Elements® believe that the action of the negatively charged element (the anion), is quite often as important, or even more important than the positively charged element (the cation).

Our online assessment questionnaire considers the relationships that exist between calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphate, sulphate, chloride, iron, fluoride and silica, according to the information entered. This data is then mathematically modelled to predict the most likely imbalances. The algorithms that drive our computer modelling were developed, tested and refined from decades of clinical observation.

Active Elements formulas are manufactured in Australia from premium quality raw materials that are only sourced from leading Australian, European or North American suppliers.
All Active Elements formulas are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) and entered onto the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).
They are:
• Lactose free
• Gluten free
• Sucrose free
• Animal free

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