UltraLite Weight Management Program

Do you need to lose weight?

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Welcome to the fabulous, fast, easy and educational ULTRALITE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.

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Fat loss…

  • Can improve energy levels
  • Reduces cardiovascular risk
  • Protects against cancer
  • Will promote healthy ageing
  • Is empowering
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes
  • Can improve your sex life and fertility
  • And it’s fun!

Seeing continuous improvement and changes in your own body is incredible! Make fat loss fun, looking good means feeling great. Stay focused on your goal and enjoy the journey.

Get started on this carefully designed weight loss program that ensures you receive adequate nutrition while you burn off those extra kilos.

Why should You choose Ultra Lite?

Look good – Feel GREAT!


What is Ultra Lite?

The Ultra Lite program includes a protein sparing modified diet, and while most diets starve the body, on Ultra Lite you are never left feeling hungry.

Supplementation with essential nutrients ensures you feel good and aids your body to burn fat efficiently.

Why choose Ultra Lite?

Because it works! A fraction the cost of other in-house programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers . Why is that? Because there are no group meetings to go to, no expensive canned foods to buy, that’s why !! It is not a fad diet, but a sensible eating plan that will serve you for the rest of your life (should you choose to remain slender of course!). You eat regular meals that you prepare yourself, not meal replacements.

UltraLite was voted the best weight management program for 2 years running by readers of Australias “Slimmers” magazine.

  • Your success is ensured with a weekly visit to your Naturopath for a weigh & measure. As a highly trained health professional, your naturopath will monitor changes in other aspects of your health to support your success.
  • The Ultra Lite program was developed by Naturopath Tony LeVannais N.D., with 20 years experience in health & fitness.
  • The program ensures you get all the required vitamins, minerals. trace elements, proteins, carbohydrates & essential fatty acids in proper balance whilst you lose weight.
  • This is a protein sparing modified diet, which ensures your body burns only fat whilst you are losing weight.
  • By following the Ultra Lite program you will not be hungry and will not crave sweets.
  • Clients tell us they feel well and have increased energy whilst on the program.
  • We provide a well-balanced maintenance program to help you keep your weight off.

UltraLite is an Australian-designed weight management program – watch the Australian UltraLite video here:



  • 5 kg in 3 weeks? 10 kg in 5? You could lose up to 2 kg a week. Achieve your goals sooner!
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