Yes, that’s right.  Purchase your OmniBlender today and if it does not perform to your expectations, we will take it back and give you your money back!*
You can be sure that when you buy an OmniBlender you are getting a top quality machine.  With 3HP of power you can be sure of the smoothest blend-up of your favourite fruit and vegetables.  Make icecream, crushed ice, hummus, nut butters, even cook your soup in it (yes – the 38.000 RPM will make water boil in just 7 minutes!!).  So now you can be in smoothie heaven, without going broke!

Plus, YOU get to CHOOSE the warranty that suits you – 2, 5 or 7-year RTB warranty.


Why so affordable?

When compared to equivalent machines, which sell for $1200 or more, OmniBlender is a fraction of the price.  Why?  You could buy a LexSun (a branded OmniBlender) for up to $999, but why would you – when you can SAVE by buying direct from BestBlenders? Our priority is to support your great health – by making a powerful blender available at a totally affordable price.

So you can be in Smoothie heaven without going broke!

Why Make Smoothies?

It’s simple – you get a Whole Food for your great health!  By blending your fruit and veges instead of juicing them, you preserve all the health-giving fibre, enzymes and antioxidants – things that are thrown away when juicing.  A smoothie will keep it’s colour for up to three days in the refridgerator, testimony to the high levels of intact antioxidants – try that with a juice and you will see it changes colour very quickly.

By using a good quality blender, whatever you blend comes out smooth, which means the cells of the plants have been broken open, releasing the nutrients so you an absorb them more easily.

So by making smoothies, your whole family will benefit.

Smoothies are a quick, convenient and tasty way to start the day.  See the recipes page for ideas.

Also useful for making soups, pestos, nut butters and so on.

And at 3HP of professional standard motor, you will have a great result every time.

* 7-day right of return commences when you receive your OmniBlender.  Inappropriate use is not covered.  Returns must be in the original packaging.  Refund of postage/delivery costs excluded.

See the Warranty page for details.