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Committed to Improving Your Digestive Health

Qualified Clinicians With Appointments Available For New Clients

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Auckland Gut Clinic has a Mission: We Want to Improve Your Digestive Dysfunction

Many people struggle with poor digestion, often for many years, without resolution.  Strategies include avoiding foods that trigger and altering one’s lifestyle in order to cope, which doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

We aim to get your gut back to normal. Long-term management strategies or dietary restrictions are a last resort.

We Specialise in Hydrogen-Methane Breath Testing for SIBO and Sugar Malabsorption.

Because we believe you should be able to enjoy good food.

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  • Experienced Practitioners
    Our team of highly qualified health professionals is lead by top NZ gut health expert, Sharon Erdrich.
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  • Professional & Friendly Staff
    Welcoming, friendly and professional staff. Great location, great service, great team. You’re in good hands.
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  • Open Hours
    Our Mt Albert clinic is open Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm. Public holidays excepted. Outside of these hours may be available – by appointment only.
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  • Book Appointments Online
    Make a booking at a time that suits you. Manage your booking yourself.
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  • Walk-Ins Accepted
    We may not be able to offer a full consultation, but we are able to offer useful advice to keep you going until your appointment.
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  • See Our Fees
    Appointment costs are outlined here. Extra costs may be incurred for health supplements and /or specific testing.
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Our Services

At the Auckland Gut clinic we offer comprehensive holistic health checks, functional testing, nutritional and dietary advice. All for your better health.

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Digestive Care

The Auckland Gut Clinic is a hub for digestive health. We are not gastroenterologists, but may refer you to one if needed. We conduct state-of-the art testing to determine the health of your gut.

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Digestive Diagnostics

State-of-the-art testing utilising validated methods can help identify your digestive problem. Hydrogen-methane breath testing for bacterial overgrowth and malabsorption of fructose, lactose, sucrose and polyols.

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General Nutritional Consulting

By evaluating your digestive function and your dietary intake, your health consultant can guide you, offering practical solutions to improve your health. Starting with what you eat.

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Health Check

At your first appointment at the Auckland Gut clinic we may conduct some clinical tests, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, height & weight. Further tests, such as a microbiome checkup, may be recommended.

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Herbal Dispensary

Our well-stocked apothecary enables formulation and supply of individualised herbal medicines. Our dispensary is also stocked with quality practitioner-only brands and a range of selected retail products.

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Room for Hire

Several well-appointed consultancy rooms are available at the Auckland Gut Clinic for hire by qualified practitioners (verification required). Permanent contracts, full-day and half-day options available.


“Like many people I know, I suffered from disorderly digestion for years. And years. Multiple investigations, numerous different diets. Nothing helped. Finally, I found resolution after running simple diagnostic tests at House of Health (now the Auckland Gut Clinic). After being led to believe that food was the problem, I’m delighted to say: It wasn’t! “
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Brett Vasquez

Better Gut Health Starts Here

Get started with your Better Digestion journey. Book an appointment at the Auckland Gut Clinic today. Or call — 09 846 5566

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