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Blending Scientific Research with Natural Therapy

The House of Health is a Natural Health Clinic located in Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. We are a consultation hub of leading naturopaths and nutritional consultants, including Sharon Erdrich.

We blend together the wisdom of the ages with traditional herbal medicine and nutritional foundations. Our naturopaths are trained to use natural products, lifestyle changes, and dietary adjustments to balance your health issues.  We are experienced in a range of functional and standard pathology testing and have a strong focus on digestive problems. Our clinic is a leading centre for digestive diagnostic testing, including breath tests that help us understand gut problems. We have bespoke specialty products that our professional consultants can recommend to you based on your personal circumstances.

Digestive dysfunction, and irritable bowel syndrome, are only some of the indications of poor gut health. Our experienced natural health care professionals will support your health journey.

The Importance of a Healthy Gut

Merging Science and Natural Health

Through diet, nutrition and herbal medicine, men, women and children can get support with a wide range of health conditions with a special focus on digestive dysfunction. With a core philosophy of enhancing healing from within, Sharon Erdrich & her team of qualified nutritionists and naturopaths aim to identify underlying imbalances and, using a blend of traditional concepts and modern science-backed approaches, then work with you to restore optimal gut function.

Our naturopaths can help you with cognitive methods to break bad habits, practising stillness and mindfulness. House of Health is the choice of GP’s when recommending tests.

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What to expect

Compassion, Professional & Result Driven Service

The House of Health team is dedicated to improving your well-being. When people walk through our doors they are often experiencing pain or discomfort, dread, embarrassment and often suffering from insomnia. Our clients want to know what is wrong and how can we fix it. Our dedicated team are compassionate health professionals so you will be treated with dignity, respect and transparency. Our scientific approach to your health ensures speedy results that gets you back to living the life you want.

Sharon Erdrich at House of Health, Natural Health Clinic

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Hydrogen-Methane Breath Test


Finding House of Health has absolutely changed my life, health and wellbeing.

Sharon is so effective because she is a registered nurse as well as a naturopath which means that the treatment she provides is completely complementary. The sessions of at least an hour mean that Sharon can ask far more indepth questions and get to the root of problems rather than simply putting band aids on them. She is also incredibly knowledgable and picks up on things that many health professionals wouldn’t and as a result my health is steadily improving.

This is well complemented by the other services available at House of Health, particularly Julia Kurusheva, an NLP Master Practitioner whose sessions have been invaluable to my mental and emotional wellbeing.

-Brigitte Ellis

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