FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions about the OmniBlend

Where is the Omniblend made?

The Omniblend headquarters is JTC in Taiwan.  JTC have 30 years of experience in electronics and home appliance design.  Using parts produced in Germany and Japan, the Omniblender is manufactured in China with a focus on strict quality control. Visit their website https://www.jtc.tw/

What manufacturing standards apply?

JTC products conform to UL, CE and IEC standards.  The factory is an ISO 9001:2000 approved facility.

I’ve seen lots of “look-alike” blenders.  What is the difference?

The OmniBlender is such a good machine that they are now many companies purchasing in volumes sufficiently high that JTC will produce them with different brand names.  Some examples include models in the following ranges: Lexsun, Vitality4Life Biochef, and more. Some older Optimum models were also made by JTC.

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Our manufacturer follows very strict quality control guidelines.

You say that this blender is as good as Vitamix but it’s only one third of the price.  How can it be as good?

There are several reasons for this – the Vitamix is manufactured in the USA where labour costs are high.  With an obligatory standard 7-year (for domestic users only) warranty Vitamix has to cover the anticipated repairs under warranty .. plus there is the marketing machine, which costs big money.  

By contrast Omniblender is manufactured in China, where labour costs are lower. Accordingly, this also allows better quality control.

The standard 2-year warranty covers commercial use and domestic users can pay a small premium for extending the warranty if they wish.  Omniblend NZ imports the Omniblender direct from the manufacturer and direct-sells to the end user, so by cutting out the “middle-man” the costs are lower.

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What differences are there between OmniBlend and Vitamix?

This chart compares the two main models

OmniBlend V

Vitamix 5200


Power rating Energy-efficient 950 W.  Peak 2248 W 750 – 1200 W 600w
HorsePower 3 2
RPM 38,000 37,000 10,000
Noise 83.8dB 110dB ?
Blade assembly 6 4 Variable
Jug usage One jug for wet or dry (BPA-Free) Two jugs – on for wet and one for dry ingredients (BPA Free) Wet only
Cost under $450 $1200 + depends on the reseller
Warranty 5 years standard (excludes commercial) Optional upgrades available (e.g.: add on $50 to extend to a 7-year warranty) 7 years – domestic purchasers only


What model should I choose?

First select the best jug for your purposes by using the following check list:

  1. Do you want to blend small volumes?
    • 2.0 L jug has a narrower base and therefore is better for small quantities.
  2. Do you want easy cleaning?͐
    • 1.5 L jug is easier to remove contents and to clean.͐
    • Electronic control panel is flat and wipes clean easily.  The manual models have switches.
  3. Do you plan to make sorbet/ice cream often?͐
    • Both jugs work, but the 2.0 L jug is the preferred jug, particularly if you are making small quantities.
  4. Do you have a limited amount of space under the cupboards?͐
    • The model with 1.5 L jug is considerably shorter than the 2.0 L jug at just 42 cm high.
  5. Do you want to be able to use a sound-reducing enclosure?͐
    • The OmniShield is designed specifically for machines with the 1.5 L or 1.5L B-jar. You’ll want to use the electronic model so that it switches off automatically.
  6. Is BPA-free important to you?͐
    • Both the 1.5 L jug  & the 2.0L jugs are made with BPA-free materials.  Both are also available made from certified food-safe (to 130 deg C) polycarbonate (on order only)
  7. Decide if you want fully electronic controls (easy-clean) or manual switches.
  8. Choose between Ebony, Burgundy & Ivory


Are the parts replaceable?

Yes – unlike many electrical appliances these days, the OmniBlend is totally repairable and OmniBlend NZ carries a full range of spare parts. We can take care of repairs – you will need to send your blender to us.

I’m moving country – can I take my Omniblender with me?

The OmniBlend is being sold in over 60 countries around the world, so it’s very likely you can get service and parts in most countries.

You will need to check that the power supply is compatible.

Got a question?

Phone us now on 09 8465566 or click here to send an email.  We’ll be delighted to help.

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