Practitioners at House of Health

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Counsellor, Breathing Specialist

Qualified natural health practitioners in Mt Albert, Auckland.

When working with a health practitioner it’s important to choose someone who is appropriately qualified. Each of our health practitioners has professional membership with the governing registrant for that modality. By working together, we provide an integrated and holistic approach to health care, offering solutions using both innovative and traditional therapies.

Natural Health Practitioners at House of Health

Naturopath | Herbalist | Nutritionist | Functional Medicine Specialist

Sharon Erdrich, MHSc (Hons)

Siobhanne Thompson Naturopath

Naturopath | Medical Herbalist

Siobhanne Thompson

Nutritionist at House of Health

Clinical Nutritionist

Lynda Schoen

Natalie Brady Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist

Natalie Brady



Counsellor | Couple Therapist

Galyna Ashayaeva



Physiotherapist | Bradcliff Practitioner

Pilar Cerezo-Gomez

021 0475 427
021 0475 427

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