Professional Consultation Fees – Includes Telehealth

To make an appointment for a professional consultation please phone us on 09 846 5566 or book online
Practitioners at House of Health are committed to support you to achieve your health goals using a range of treatment options. Our clinic is located in Mt. Albert, Auckland.

Parking onsite is limited – please let us know if you require disabled access.



All fees include GST.  Please read our Cancellation Policy below.

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Nutrition Consultations

90 min 60 min 30 min 15 min
Sharon Erdrich PhD Candidate, MHSc (Hons), DipNat, DipHM, DipAroma
Functional Medicine Practitioner, NZ Reg Nurse, Reg Nutritionist (NSNZ) Reg Naturopath & Medical Herbalist (NMHNZ), Aromatherapist
$295 $210 $99 $60
Sandy Watts BNHM, DipNut, BCom
Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist (NMHNZ), Clinical Nutritionist 
$190 $150 $80   –
Verity Vincent BNHM, DipNut, BA, BCom
Registered Naturopath &  Medical Herbalist (NMHNZ), Clinical Nutritionist
$170 $130 $70   –

Emma Gardiner BNatMed

Registered naturopath & Medical Herbalist (NMHNZ)

$180 $140 $75

Latimer Clark (BNatMed)

Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist (NMHNZ & NZAMH)

$170 $130 $70
Elena Turner (BNHM, BSci, DipFin, DipTeach)
Registered Naturopath &  Medical Herbalist (NMHNZ)
$180 $140 $75

Galyna Ashayeva

Registered Counsellor
Member New Zealand Association of Counsellors



$120    –   –


Weight Management

Need to lose some kilos? We have a range of options to support you to achieve your weight goal. To get started, make a 60 minute appointment with either Sharon, Sandy or Verity.

Body Composition Analysis

A half hour appointment is required. This includes conducting the test and a brief consultation to discuss the results.  A comprehensive report will be emailed to you.
Cost:  $114.00 (incl 30mins consultation + BIA) Sharon Erdrich

Cost $95 (incl 30 min consultation + BIA) Sandy Watts 

If you would like nutritional guidance to achieve your weight and fitness goals, a 60-minute consultation is required.

Sharon Erdrich  Sandy Watts

Short Stress & Anxiety Support Consults

We live in interesting times, and the uncertainty of how the future will look, the ever-present media and negative messaging coming through in our day-to-day lives can make you feel like you’re coming unstuck.

Naturopaths have good foundational knowledge in stress and it’s contributors. They are well-versed in the nutritional, lifestyle and herbal medicine options that can help. As with all things naturopathic, an individualised approach is guaranteed. 

We offer 15 minute quick-consults to assess the contributors to your stress and/or anxiety and recommend strategies to support you to get you through the immediate situation.
Cost varies, according to the practitioner you wish to see: Sharon Erdrich, Sandy Watts and Verity Vincent are all available to help you. Your practitioner may recommend a comprehensive consultation at a later date.


While we prefer to see you in person, we realise this isn’t always possible. We offer remote consults for those who are unable to get to the clinic. These appointments are charged at normal fees. Credit card payment is required prior to the appointment. A link will be sent to you to enter our “virtual waiting room”, which is accessible once the practitioner has finished their previous consultation. Please ensure you have ZOOM downloaded on your computer or phone before the appointment; test your microphone and camera. If you have difficulty, please phone the clinic on 098465566 to get help setting up in time for your appointment.

Please note normal cancellation fees apply.

Get a clearer picture of your health with a full naturopathic consultation.

Gift Vouchers

We can tailor-make a gift voucher for a full health consultation, nutritional support or massage.  Tell us what you want for your loved one/friend/boss.  Or tell us your budget and we will advise what is possible. Request one here.



The nature of our practice involves spending individual time with our patients. We expect our time to be respected, just as we do our best to respect yours.

Our clinic is busy, with a wait-list of up to 3 months. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please notify us by email at least 2 working days prior to the appointment, so that we can offer it to people on our cancellation list. Failure to notify us may result you being charged for the full amount of your missed appointment. This amount must be paid before you will be treated again.

Our reminder system is set up to minimise the chances of “forgetting” – please ensure your contact details are correct.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late without calling your appointment may need to rescheduled and you will be charged, or you may wait and be worked in as time permits.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


Use our online booking system to schedule your appointment or call us on 09 846 5566

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