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Sports Nutrition

Most of us have heard the phrase, ‘You are what you eat’, basically meaning that the type and quality of food determines how we look, how we feel, and how we perform.
Most of us would agree and be able to recall various examples in our lifetime that prove its point. So, why do we commonly fail to provide our bodies with healthy food choices and adequate nutrients? Although there are numerous explanations and excuses, there is one fundamental reason that lies in our attitude of taking our bodies for granted. And it works; the body’s intriguingly clever ‘machinery’ appears to resist various negative impacts as well as strive to compensate for many deficiencies, especially at a young age.

Sports Nutrition

But what happens when we get older and when the demand placed on the body exceeds supply? People participating in endurance sports or any other form of heavy exercise expose their bodies to a higher level of stress and, therefore, free radical formation that needs to be dealt with. Energy expenditure can rise immensely, which requires specific attention to calorie intake from adequate and nutritious sources at the right time.

Many studies confirm that sports individuals are commonly deficient in minerals and vitamins, and they lack the knowledge of how to replenish their own bodies. Yet, minerals and vitamins – as well as other nutrients – are paramount to good performance and complete recovery.

Not giving the body what it needs (nutrients, sleep, water…) will drive it towards weakness, low performance, and, finally, failure. Low immunity and frequent injuries may become common occurrences and are dreaded by anyone training for an event.

If you’re training for an event or generally performing on a high level, do not wait for the tipping point, where your body cannot compensate anymore.


If you set your goals high, then you need to aim for high-quality fuel in the form of good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.
Appreciate what the human body is capable of by giving it the appropriate nutritional support, and it will carry you towards your goals.

You are strongly advised to book an assessment when experiencing the following:

  • Recurrent post-exercise fatigue and/or muscle soreness/stiffness
  • Frequent injuries
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Energy fluctuations
  • Recurrent infections of all kinds and lingering colds
  • Blood pressure problems
  • If you suffer from asthma or gastrointestinal disturbances
  • If you catch yourself ‘fueling’ with sweets, candies and a bacon & egg-style diet rather frequently

How will you benefit?

  • Assistance in achieving your goal(s)
  • Assessment of your diet, nutrient status, lifestyle and general health
  • Optimizing your performance and energy levels by correcting any imbalances through dietary adjustment and targeted nutritional supplementation
  • Teaching you the ‘healthy know-how’ of (re)fueling your body according to your physical activities and individual demands
  • Building immunity, stress resistance and stamina
  • Minimizing the adverse impact of exercising
  • Exploring the Relationship between Micronutrients and Athletic Performance: A Comprehensive Scientific Systematic Review of the Literature in Sports Medicine. Sports (Basel) (2023); 11(6): 109.
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