BLIS Probiotics


BLIS probiotics is a scientifically developed oral probiotics which can balance and colonise good bacteria in your mouth and throat.


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BLIS - Advanced probiotics for a healthy mouth and throat

BLIS probiotics is a scientifically developed oral probiotic in Dunedin, NZ. BLIS K12™ is a particular strain of bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius K12™ which can be found naturally in mouth and throat of healthy adults and children. "BLIS" stands for Bacteriocin Like Inhibitory Substances.

How BLIS K12™ work

These are not gut probiotic strains, but oral probiotics which works in the mouth and the throat to boost your natural immune system at the gateway to your body. Streptococcus salivarius K12™ colonises in the oral cavity and crowding out 'bad' bacteria.

The bacteria gets activated in the moist and warm environment. the longer it is in the mouth, the better the colonisation will be. Hence slowly sucking on a lozenge, instead of chewing is very important. For young children who are unable to do so, powder format will be recommended which can be sprinkled on either cold or luke-warm food.

It's best to take BLIS probiotics regularly, because keep a balanced good bacteria is more effective than trying to fight againse bad bacteria during the times of stress or illness.

Boost your immune system

If you start feeling the onset of ills and chills, or have a scratchy throat, take BLIS K12™ as soon as possible to help give your immune system a boost.

Protect while travelling

When you are travelling on an airplane, you are at higher risk of contracting unwanted germs. BLIS K12™ can provide extra support in that situation.

Maintain fresh breath

BLIS K12™ can support restoring the balance of good bacteria in the oral cavity, and can assist the bad breath.


BLIS M18™ does the job in a similar manner to K12™, but it is targeted at the bad bacteria that can cause teeth and gum issues.


Recommended dose

For best results, slowly dissolve one lozenge in the mouth 1-2 times a day, ideally after brushing teeth.

Gluten free, and safe during pregnancy and breast feeding.


Store below 25 degree.






Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12 cm
BLIS Probiotics

BLIS Daily Defence (Strawberry) 30 loz, BLIS Daily Defence (Vanilla) 30 loz, HoneyBlis 8 loz, HoneyBlis Ginger 8 loz, Throatguard PRO 30 loz, Toothguard Junior 30 loz, Toothguard 30 loz, TravelProtect Vanilla 30 loz


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