Fragonia Essential Oil Organic 10mL


Fragonia Essential Oil Organic


Agonis fragrans 100% pure wild-grown steam distilled essential oil from Western Australia.Starr_051123-5467_Eucalyptus_globulus-506

A delightful newcomer to the world of Aromatherapy, you will be pleased to add this fabulous oil to your collection.

Fragonia Essential Oil Aroma

Fragonia essential oil is unique in that it contains three components in approximately equal amounts.  It is understood that this "balance-in-nature" can be used to support balance in those that use it. The aroma is delicate, fresh and a pleasant perfume.

Fragonia Essential Oil Benefits
Fragonia essential oil has powerful mind and emotion balancing properties.  This empowers calming, freeing of stress, releasing emotional problems and blockages, and enabling one to make peace on the inside.  It helps with grief and anxiety and promoting tranquillity.  The calming qualities can also assist tired muscles.
Fragonia essential oil is gentle on the skin, can help overcome jet lag or shift work body clock issues.
Use Fragonia essential oil to freshen the air in a room or environment. Fragonia essential oil is also prized for its anti-bacterial qualities.

Fragonia Essential Oil Uses 
In an oil burner, vaporiser, potpourri, meditation, room freshener, massage oil, baths, use as an attractive perfume odour.It has a soft yet bright fragrance, described as "Citrusy, spicy cinnamon, sweet balsamic" It is a very safe, non-irritating multi-purpose oil that has a very wide range of actions on the body, mind and spirit.

Topically, its antibacterial properties may aid in the healing of cuts, bites, stings and minor burns.

It has the ability to work at a deep level, releasing emotional blockages and bringing harmony, peace and balance.

Use as an inhalation, in the bath, diluted as a wound wash or in a personal massage blend.


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