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Manuka Essential Oil 100% Pure, Wild, 10mL


Manuka Essential Oil 100% Pure, Wild, 10mL


Leptospermum scoparium 100% Pure, Wild-harvested High Triketone Manuka Essential Oil – from the East Cape of New Zealand.

Simply the best quality manuka available – we garuantee it.  East Cape Manuka Essential Oil has the highest concentration of the most active ingredient Tri-ketones, giving it a powerful and broad spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action. Excellent in wound washes, mixed in to creams etc.

Rich Earth Manuka oil was supplied to students at Manuka Technical Institute for a research study into natural bactericidal agents and proved to be superior to other oils tested.


  • Inhalation for congestion, mucous and coughs.
  • As a massage blend for improving general immunity.
  • Add to creams and ointments (or rash creams) to provide anti-bacterial protection.
  • Mix with water and use as a wound wash.
  • General household cleanser.
  • Use in steam inhalation, oil burner, bath, creams & lotions and in personal massage blends.




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