pH Testing Paper


Hydrion pH Testing Paper for Measuring Urine pH

15 strips of pH Testing paper with a range pH 5.5 - 8.0. Increments: 5.5, 5.8, 6.0, 6.2, 6.4, 6.6, 6.8, 7.0, 7.2, 7.4, 7.6, 7.8 and 8.0 for accurate assessment of your pH level.

Use Hydrion pH testing paper to measure urine pH - because the pH of your body is extremely important. While a target range is 6.5-7.0 with an ideal pH about 7.0 to 7.35. In many people, the pH may be below 6.5, which is not desired. If the pH is too low, the risk of chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis is increased.  This condition is believed to be a factor in many health problems.

If you feel achy, fatigued or tire easily, chances are good that your body pH is too acidic. People with cancer often have a low pH that is best to correct. Some medications and gut dysfunction can make your pH too acidic. If this is the case, you need to correct it.

An overly acidic pH can be a risk factor for many health conditions. A very important one is the formation of kidney stone/gallstone as many studies indicate. Find out more about causes of acid pH

How to Correct Acidic pH

You may increase intake of green leafy vegetables and other so called alkaline foods to correct the body pH. And you may also use some supplements. Maintaining a healthy pH can not only prevent stones such as kidney stones/gallstones, but also dissolve them that have already been formed, according to studies.

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