Pomegranate Mix – Organic Juice + Husk Powder


A blend of pomegranate husk & juice powders, Pom Mix is an excellent prebiotic that ferments in the intestines, to provide ‘food’ to many bacteria. A 50/50 blend of the juice & husk powders.


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What is Pomegranate Mix?

Our pomegranate powder is a mixture the husk/peel and juice of pomegranates.

The main therapeutic substances of pomegranates are highly concentrated in the husk, which is naturally somewhat bitter and astringent in nature. Hence, our powder is a blend of husk and juice powder, so you can enjoy it in your daily smoothie.

The Pomegranate (Punica granatum), has been cultivated in sub-tropical parts of Europe, Asia and North Africa for thousands of years. It is a circular fruit with many sweet, ruby red gelatinous seeds contained within a hard red-orange skin. Pomegranataes are commonly viewed as a symbol of hope and abundance and have been used traditionally by many cultures around the world due to their numerous health benefits.

Prebiotic Benefits

“Prebiotics” provide food for probiotic bacteria. Pomegranate mix is an excellent prebiotic that ferments in the intestines, to provide ‘food’ to many bacteria. (Research) Pomegranate juice and extract significantly increased beneficial bacteria like ​Bifidobacterium​ and ​Lactobacillus​ and simultaneously inhibited the growth of harmful bacteria such as B. fragilis group, Clostridia, and Enterobacteriaceae​. May also help maintain a normal balance of Akkermansia spp, an important organism for the health of the gut lining.


Pomegranate's strong antioxidant activity is due to its polyphenol content, which are mostly found in the juice and the peel. It is high in ellagitannins, specifically punicalagins, punicalins, gallagic acid, and ellagic acid. It’s these constituents that confer the health benefits through a number of mechanisma.  They can help prevent oxidation, reduce macrophage (immune cell) oxidative stress, protect against free radicals and lipid peroxidation. Oxidation can potentially cause cell damage, therefore the antioxidants from the pomegranate mix can mitigate this.

Nitric oxide is important for normal function of the lining of blood vessels, ensuring healthy circulation. Pomegranate juice is a rich source of potent flavonoid antioxidants, which protects nitric oxide against oxidative destruction and enhances the biological actions of nitric oxide - much more potent than grape juice, blueberry juice, red wine, ascorbic acid, and DL-alpha-tocopherol (ref)

It’s been found that pomegranates antioxidant effect is up to three times more potent than green tea or red wine!

Support if your Cholesterol is High 

Dietary supplementation with antioxidants is associated with inhibition of LDL and atherosclerosis. Pomegranates are a good source of polyphenols and other antioxidants. In a study to evaluate the effect of pomegranate peel powder and it’s extract on lipids metabolism in high cholesterol,  pomegranate peel powder was added to high cholesterol diet by 5, 10 or 15% as dietary fibre supplemented.

Our PomMix is 50% pomegranate peel and 50% pomegranate juice powder. Nothing else added.

Suggested Dose

Adult: Add 1 tsp to smoothies, yoghurt, cereal and desserts or mix well in water or juice.


Not to be used in children under 2 years of age without guidance from your Health Care Practitioner
If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

Keep cool and dry, away from direct sunlight
Keep all therapeutic substances out of the reach of children


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