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Good Nutrition – the Cornerstone of Great Health

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of health

Nutritionists aim to assist a person’s journey to reaching optimal health through diet and nutrition.  The addition of Nutritional Medicine (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) may be prescribed to correct imbalances.  The goal is to restore optimum ratios  of all nutrients that are required for day-to-day function.

Llfestyle choices, malabsorption of nutrients as well as metabolic derangements can lead to an imbalance in your nutritional status.  Whatever the reason, deficiencies or imbalance of essential nutrients can cause significant symptoms, or underpin some diseases states. 

However, there is no “one size fits all” diet. Just as we are all different, the way each of us processes foods can differ greatly. The science of epigenetics – which is the things that influence gene expression – is the cutting edge of personalised nutrition.

Our nutritional consultants will assess you as an individual in order to ascertain the specific imbalances and correct them using diet, vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as recommending lifestyle adjustments, for a lasting benefit.  Like with all other therapies, the work is done together with you, so every dietary change and lifestyle adjustment is discussed and possible solutions are explored together! Adding personalised genetics is the next level of nutritional medicine.

It is often underestimated what effect the lack of certain minerals and vitamins can have on behaviour and development of children.  For example, a number of learning problems, such as ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, Dyslexia, and autism may be significantly connected to digestive dysfunction which can lead to nutritional imbalances.
Once those have been corrected there is usually a marked improvement in the affected peron’s condition.

Eating a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and animal proteins allows us to obtain the broadest possible selection of nutrients. But what is right for your best friend or your partner may not be right for you.

Our 21st century eating and lifestyle habits have narrowed down the range of foods in most people’s diets and increased the proportion of simple carbohydrates compared to protein.

A diet high in carbohydrates – especially refined ones – leads to weight gain, elevated cholesterol levels, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and other related problems. It is also the main culprit for fatigue and the all-too-common “afternoon slump” – the feeling that descends on a great number of people about 1-2 hours after eating lunch, when one feels one must have stimulants to get through the rest of the afternoon – sweet foods and caffeine being the oft – but ill-chosen remedy.

Personalised nutrition

Finding our your genetic predispositions and fine-tuning your diet accordingly can help with issues such as:

  • sleep problems (more about Sleep here)
  • mood swings (read about Stress here)
  • fatigue (more)
  • irritability (more)
  • Weight gain (more)
  • ..and many more. “After all, we are what we eat” !

Working closely together we can identify the problem foods in your diet and devise an eating plan that is appropriate for you. The end result will be an improvement in your general health, reduction of risk factors and more energy.

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