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Adrenal Fatigue Test


Your adrenal glands make hormones, one of which is cortisol, which helps your body maintain normal sleep/wake cycles. According to the adrenal fatigue theory, excess periods of stress, or nutrient insufficiency can deplete the adrenal glands causing an array of symptoms.

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The Adrenal Fatigue Test helps determine the levels of hormones being produced by your adrenal glands. One of these hormones is cortisol, which helps your body maintain normal sleep/wake cycles. According to the adrenal fatigue theory, excess periods of stress, or nutrient insufficiency can deplete the adrenal glands causing an array of symptoms.  Fatigue itself is common and there are many reasons it might occur. Sometimes you may feel that you need more sleep than you should and maybe you don’t wake up feeling refreshed. Maybe you can’t get through the day without coffee. These are common signs of Adrenal Fatigue.

If sleep is the main issue (especially getting to sleep), the single sample collection that measures cortisol and melatonin is best for you.

Should I Order the Adrenal Fatigue Test?

Here is a checklist of common symptoms associated with Adrenal Fatigue. Choose “Yes” or “No”  in response to the following questions. 
Score 0 for each NO and 1 for each YES

I have a tendency to gain weight, especially around the waist.        YES (1)   NO  (0)
I get the flu frequently and it tends to last longer than usual.            YES (1)   NO  (0)
My sex drive is noticeably lower.                                                       YES (1)   NO  (0)
I get lightheaded when rising from a lying down position.                 YES (1)   NO  (0)
I have difficulty getting up in the morning                                          YES (1)   NO  (0)
I have low energy in the afternoon between 3 to 5 pm.                     YES (1)   NO  (0)
I feel better for a short period of time after eating a meal.                 YES (1)   NO  (0)
I reach for coffee or sweat treats as a pick-me-up                             YES (1)   NO  (0)
I can’t exercise – it exhausts me.                                                        YES (1)   NO  (0)

How did you do?

  • 0-3: Adrenal Fatigue is not likely. Make an appointment to discuss what might be the cause of your fatigue
  • 3-5: Adrenal Fatigue is fairly possible. Order the Adrenal Fatigue Test – if you are also having trouble sleeping, we recommend the Comprehensive test option
  • 6 or more: Adrenal Fatigue is quite likely. We recommend the Comprehensive test option

Is it Accurate?

A review of the published literature on saliva testing reveals a general consensus that saliva testing is appropriate for cortisol levels. What’s more it is less stressful to do it (no getting to the lab, no needles etc), so the results are likely to be more representative of your true cortisol levels.

I keep waking at night – Can the Adrenal Fatigue Test measure Melatonin too?

  • Yes – choose the Comprehensive test

What does the Adrenal Fatigue Test Measure?

The Adrenal Fatigue Test involves collecting saliva samples. This gets analysed for the level of:

  • Cortisol & DHEAs
  • Melatonin (in the Comprehensive Adrenal Fatigue Test)

When are the Adrenal Fatigue Test Samples Collected?

There are 4 (for the Simple) or 5 (for the Comprehensive) collection periods over the course of the day:

  • 6am-8am: this collection measures DHEAs and Cortisol
  • 12 Noon: Cortisol
  • 4pm: Cortisol
  • 8pm: Cortisol
  • 12 Midnight – 1am: Cortisol and Melatonin (for the Comprehensive Adrenal Fatigue Test)

Can other Hormones be Tested at the same time?

Yes – if you need more than these, we recommend calling the clinic to discuss and order.

Is there any Special Preparation for the Adrenal Fatigue Test?

No, however, we recommend that you find out what your baseline levels are before starting any treatments for fatigue. Hence, we suggest that you do not take any herbs or supplements to support fatigue or stress for 48 hours prior to the test unless these are long-term medications, or this is your second test and you want to see if your levels have improved while on supplements.

NOTE: All test results are delivered in the context of a full health history. You will require a consultation with one of our health consultants to discuss the results and review in view of your general health and wellness goals, or your report will be forwarded directly to your registered health practitioner. 

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Sleep (1 collection), Basic (4 collections), Comprehensive (5 collections)


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