Breath Test for Lactose Intolerance (Test Only)


Analysis of breath samples, collected before and after a lactose drink, to establish lactose intolerance.


This test is diagnostic for lactose intolerance.  The cost is for the test only. Please note: test results are delivered in the context of a professional consultation – either in our clinic, by Skype or to the registered health consultant you specify.

How is it done?

After ordering the test kit, you will be sent the collection equipment and instructions.  The test is collected in the morning, after an overnight fast.
In order to perform this test at home you will need to restrict your diet of the 24 hours prior to the test.
Diet preparation instructions are here.
Please watch this video, which explains the procedure.
If you are not sure that you can collect the samples correctly, please make an appointment to conduct the test in-clinic (Wednesday mornings only).

You will collect a baseline breath sample, and then take a drink with dissolved lactose in water.
Then, every hour, for three hours you will collect another breath sample.

What will I need?

A timer.
Water and glass.
Everything else is supplied in the test kit.

Once your test has been completed, you can eat and drink normally.
Package the tubes in the box they came in, place in the courier bag provided and either phone the courier (the number is on the instructions with the kit) or take it to your post office.
The results will be released to your health care practitioner.

Additional information

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