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Eucalyptus Essential Oil. 100% Pure Organic 10mL


Eucalyptus Essential Oil Organic

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Eucalyptus globulus 100% pure organic steam distilled essential oil from Portugal CLEAR THAT STUFFY NOSE! Eucalyptus has a place in every home First Aid kit – even your Grandma used it! It is excellent to use as an inhalation (just one drop is enough) to help clear sinus and chest congestion, for all respiratory problems.

Useful for “opening the chest” on a physiological as well as emotional level. Also used for inflammed and sore muscles, rheumatism. May aid headaches and uplift those with nervous exhaustion – it is bright and uplifting Use as an inhalation, in the burner or in personal massage blends.



Organic Certificate

Soil_Association_Organic_StandardThis Essential Oil is certified Organic by the Soil Association which means you can be sure that it has been produced to the highest ethical and environmental standards. The Soil Association’s standards exceed the UK government’s minimum requirements for organic products in many areas but particularly in animal welfare, GM and the use of pesticides. Standards are constantly reviewed to ensure they deal with current issues.

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