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Waihi Bush Flax Oils

Waihi Bush are proud producers of 100% organic, premium quality essential plant oil products of the highest therapeutic value, sourced and processed sustainably and expertly crafted right here in New Zealand.

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WAIHI BUSH – New Zealand-Grown, Organic Flaxseed Oils are cold-pressed from certified organic flaxseed, Linum usitatissimum.  The oil is high quality, extra virgin, unrefined and contains no toxic substances or cholesterol.  It is cold pressed in the absence of light, air and reactive metals and packaged in black HDPE plastic under an inert gas blanket to further protect it against light and oxygen.

Made from 100% pure cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil, Flax Original is the most widely used product for topping up your Omega-3 levels. Flax Original is a great everyday oil for the whole family and it tastes great too.

Check out the options for boosting your omega-3 with:

Flax Original Plus: Flaxseed Original Oil with a wow factor.  Because NZ soils have low concentrations of some trace minerals and therefore conventional agriculture may not provide all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy, Flaxseed oil with its omega-3 and four powerful food ingredients, Flax Original Plus packs a real punch, especially during the darker winter months.

Omega 3 Super Boost:  In addition to flaxseed oil, the other specially selected oils in Omega-3 Super Boost provide secondary Omega 3 fatty acids to support a quicker response for new users of flaxseed Oil. This combo helps by boosting your body’s ability to utilise Essential Fatty Acids.

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