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We are NZ’s authorised importer and distributor of OmniBlend Blenders – Be sure to get a genuine OmniblendNZ Blender®

Now you can be in smoothie heaven without going broke..


The ideal high-powered blender for both commercial and domestic applications – Now with a 5-YEAR warranty*!

If you like blending as much as we do, why not get the blender that professionals use? OmniBlend is the blender of choice for vegans, raw foodists, bars, restaurants, hotels, and (aspiring) chefs!!

*Domestic purchasers only.  Commercial users can enjoy a 2-year manufacturers warranty. (Click here for more details regarding the warranty).
  1. High Quality
  2. Powerful (Professional Strength)
  3. For Superbly Smooth smoothies
  4. BPA-Free
  5. Versatile
  6. Replaceable parts
  7. Affordable
  8. Excellent after-sales service
  9. The blender of choice for restaurants, cafes and serious home cooks
  11. (BONUS) A FREE eBook (click the link below)

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“Firstly just want to say thank you for such great and prompt service.  I ordered the Omniblender from you late Tuesday night and had it sitting in my kitchen by Wednesday afternoon. Amazing. …Thanks again.  

Am happy to recommend your business to anyone, great service.” 

Catherine Delamare

Simply the Best Blender

The powerful OmniBlend®  blender incorporates outstanding design features to create one of the world’s top blenders.  The OmniBlender is one of the most powerful food preparation machines on the market, driven by a commercial grade 3 horsepower (3HP) motor.

Sold in more than 98 countries worldwide, this top selling professional strength blender is suitable for heavy duty use in restaurants, cafes, bars and smoothie specialists.  In your kitchen it adds a valuable tool for culinary creativity and professional food preparation.

Popularised for the making of smoothies, including green smoothies, the OmniBlend® is an efficient way to produce high-energy, healthy fast food.  Smoothies are one way to increase the consumption of easily digested, whole, raw foods, providing more dietary fibre and antioxidants than juices, which have an imbalance of sugar and fibre, possibly contributing to weight gain and digestive problems.
The OmniBlend® high powered blender is perfect for creating smoothie fruit & vege blends, nut blends, raw soups, natural desserts, dips, sauces, crushed ice and much more.  We have compiled some basic recipes to get you started.

When weighing up quality performance, durability, warranty and price we are proud to stand behind the OmniBlend® Professional Strength Blender as simply the best value blender on the New Zealand market.  Unlike many appliances on the market, this is a machine built to last, it is also repairable.  OmniBlend NZ carry the full range of spare parts.

OmniBlend® NZ is a 100% NZ owned and operated business, proudly serving both domestic and commercial customers the length and breadth of Aotearoa, founded by Sharon Erdrich, leading Auckland Naturopath & Nutritional consultant. OmniBlend NZ®  is a subsidiary of House of Health Ltd (est 2004), based in Mount Albert in Auckland.

Our OmniBlend® high performance blenders are manufactured in China by JTC Electronics Corporation, a company that has been designing electronics and home applicances for over 30 years, with a solid foundation of technology, experience and dedication. 

A word of caution: OmniBlend® blenders are sometimes sold under different brand names but the name might also be used by imitation brands and promoted at low prices.  (Buyer Beware). OmniBlend NZ®  blenders are only sold in selected outlets, from our Mt Albert showroom, and online.  The packaging is unique to our brand, so you can be sure you are purchasing the geniune product.  BUY YOURS NOW.

Best blender I’ve ever owned!

“5 out of 5”, Jan 24, 2015

“This thing is amazing. Seriously blends everything so quick and sooo easy to clean which is one of its biggest selling points! Use it everyday. Auto programs are awesome.”  Angus


Love my OmniBlend

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 26, 2014

“My husband and myself treated ourself to the Omniblend for Christmas, I’ve already made so much from – Juices, dips, nut milks the list goes on. The blender works so well and blends effortlessly. Certainly have been recommending to all our family and friends!”
We were impressed by the warranty and your product.  Sue


“Another point in Omniblend’s favour is the comparatively low cost of spare parts. The cost of one Vitamix jug is around $200 plus postage.  I continue to be very pleased with the performance of the Omniblend V.” 


“It’s brilliant & so powerful (we destroyed two cheaper blenders in the last year or so). I wasn’t planning on doing much more than smoothies, but there’s so much more it can do – we’ll be trying everything from almond milk to ice cream. I might even end up living longer because we’ll be eating healthy raw foods that taste great.” 


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