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7 Reasons to Buy an Omniblend

Are you tired of blenders that can’t keep up with the pace of your busy cafe, restaurant or home kitchen or cannot fulfill all the functions you need it to? The Omniblend is the smart, economical and environmentally friendly choice for all your blending needs! Here are 7 reasons to buy an Omniblend:


All Omniblend models have a powerful 3HP (horse power) JTC motor, providing 2238 watts at peak performance. This means that everything, even including ice cubes, are crushed with ease. No more sifting seeds with your teeth!
Save time with the the six-bladed high speed Omniblend as your ingredients are blended quickly and efficiently.


So you want a blender that can really do it all? Look no further. The Omniblend is efficient and multi-functional enough to make sauces, sorbets, nice cream, smoothie bowls and smoothies, soups, dips and spreads. These can be mixed up in a matter of seconds! This makes the Omniblend an efficient option for your cafe or restaurant or a busy household.

Holding a get-to-gether at home? Wow your guests with your own home made ice cream or mashed veges and sauces. Complicated items like nut milks are easily made in the Omniblend as well for your plant-based recipes and diets.


Did you know that by blending your fruit and veges instead of juicing them, you preserve all the health-giving fibre, enzymes and antioxidants – things that are thrown away when juicing.  A smoothie will keep it’s colour for up to three days in the refrigerator which is a testimony to the high levels of intact antioxidants – try that with a juice and you will see it changes colour very quickly.

By using a good quality blender, whatever you blend comes out smooth, which means the cells of the plants have been broken open, releasing the nutrients so you an absorb them more easily.


The Omniblend has become very popular in the hospitality industry. It helps to add new items to your menu, keeping your customers coming back time and time again. And don’t worry about the maintenance because it is easily cleaned and all parts are replaceable. The Omniblend is the practical and economical choice for you and those in hospitality.

800AQ BPA Free
     The OmniShield dampens blender noise considerably


The Omniblend is much quieter than some other high-powered blenders.  Most run at 99 to 100 dB (the motor only). The noise produced by the OmniBlend is about 85 dB – which is still noisy, but meets the safe workplace target ( This can be further reduced with the purpose-made OmniShield, which is extremely popular with our commercial customers.


The OmniBlend has an energy-efficient self-adjusting self-compensating 3 horsepower motor, which means the Omniblend consumes electricity more efficiently than most other high performance blenders. Accordingly, the Omniblend motor can last longer, it cools more efficiently, and the overall action is more powerful. It uses its 3 HP torque, and again, it lasts longer. The Omniblend it also completely repairable.  Out-of-the box maintenance is a simple DIY with the drive socket and blade/bearing assembly being really quick and easy to replace when worn. We carry a full range of spare parts and offer full service.


Jars are constructed using Eastman Tritan BPA-free plastic, for durability and safety. The OmniBlade is made from a special stainless steel alloy. You can test this with an ordinary magnet: a quality blade should attract the magnet. If it does not then the steel is very cheap and of poor quality. The blade that JTC uses for the OmniBlend is made in Japan, which has the highest quality requirements in the world and we all know the Japanese are makers of great knives!
The multi-purpose blade has 6 knives, each of them sharp, making it incredibly efficient at cutting up just about anything.
Our manufacturer is constantly seeking ways to improve standards.

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