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Transit Time Test (Blue Caps x2)


Two capsules of blue food colouring (200mg/cap) for measuring bowel transit time for conducting the Blue Poop Challenge. 1 capsule needed per person per test.


How Do I Find out My Transit Time Using Blue Poop Pills?

Transit time is how long it takes for that meal to end up in the toilet. There are a few options to test this. One commonly used is to eat corn. . Another is to swallow a couple of tablespoons of white sesame seeds.You may be able to spot them in your poop. Or not.

A reliable way is to take the “Blue Poop Challenge”.

What the Blue Poop Challenge Reveals about your Gut Health

  • Your bowel transit time (how long it takes for food to travel through your gut).
  • Research demonstrated that a shorter transit time is generally associated with better health.

This was made popular following a study published in 2021, in which participants were given muffins with blue food colouring, to visibly alter the colour of the stool.

However, you need quite a lot of the liquid food dye sold in NZ is needed to do this test, plus you need to bake then eat muffins (!), so we have come up with a simpler solution – we put the food colouring into a capsule.

How the Blue Poop Challenge Works

Take one blue food colouring capsule with a meal and note the date and time. Then just keep an eye on the end business – at some stage you will see blue or blue-green poop in the toilet. Note the first appearance. Keep noting each blue poop until the colour is back to normal. Take that record to your appointment with your gut-savvy clinician to discuss and get things back in order!

Simple. Fast. Easy-to-spot.


Each vege-cap contains 200mg Brilliant Blue Food Colour (133)

Safety Information

Food color 133 is a food additive commonly used as a colouring agent in food and beverages. It is synthetic (man-made), and as it is poorly absorbed, it passes out (unchanged) in your bowel motion so is unlikely to cause problems. However, we advise NOT taking it if you are allergic to blue food colouring.

Disclaimer: The information you get from doing the Blue Poop Test will not diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition. If you do have any concerns about your poop or digestive system, it’s best to check in with your health care professional.

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