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Slippery Elm Powder, Pure Wild-Crafted Powder


Slippery elm has mucilaginous properties, which help by protecting and soothing sensitive and irritated mucous membranes of the throat, stomach, intestines and urinary tract. Soothing and nutritious, it can be used as a food during sickness. Also suitable for children (check with your health practitioner first).


What is Slippery Elm?

Slippery elm, or Ulmus rubra, is a tree native to the central and eastern United States and Ontario, Canada. Traditionally, native Americans would peel its slimy, red inner bark from twigs and branches and use it as a remedy for many common ailments, like fevers, digestive discomfort, and sore throats. Only the inner bark is used as a medicine.

Helps Relieve Digestive Discomfort

Slippery elm bark is a demulcent. A demulcent is a mucilanginous preparation that forms a soothing protective film over a mucous membrane, relieving minor pain and inflammation of the membrane. This means that it has an action of soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines and reducing irritation. Demulcents are sometimes referred to as mucoprotective agents. The inner bark contains chemicals that can also increase mucous secretion, which might be helpful for stomach and intestinal problems.

Recent studies have shown that slippery elm bark can help conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s diseaseulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

One small clinical study found that a mixture containing slippery elm enhanced bowel movements in patients with constipation-predominant IBS. Slippery Elm powder may work well as one part of a mixture of ingredients.

It can also help soothe the intestines in cases of diarrhoea, helping to firm the stool. It may also help reduce the inflammation associated with diverticulitis.

Stomach Ulcers

The thick mucilage of the powder coats the interior of the stomach, providing some defense against harsh stomach acid. Together with healing properties and analgesic effects, slippery elm is soothing and may help heal gastric ulcers. It may also protect against ulcers and excess acidity in the stomach, as it causes reflux stimulation of nerve endings in the gut – a reaction that leads to increased mucous secretion.

Improving the function of your gut and digestion helps ease the occurrence of stomach ulcers. Incorporating slippery elm into your treatment plan should give relief to a painful stomach, as well as protection so the ulcers can heal naturally.

Soothing a Cough and Sore throat

When Slippery Elm bark powder is mixed with water it swells, it generates a gel-like sticky material known as mucilage. This can be used to relieve and soothe irritation of mucous membranes, forming a protective coat on the lining of the throat.

Topical Use on Wounds

Slippery elm powder may promote wound healing. The bark has coagulant properties that help stop bleeding and promote wound healing. The mucilage also forms a layer over cuts and scrapes, helping protect from infection and irritants. Salves and balms may be made from the bark to help speed the healing process. It also has analgesic properties, making it a historic battlefield remedy.

Suggested Dose

Adults: Mix 1 tsp mixed with 100mL of water, one to two times daily.
Drink a tall glass of warm water with asqueeze of  fresh lemon juice upon rising. Remember to keep well hydrated throughout the day.

For acid reflux, take an additional tsp of the powder, mixed with water, at bedtime.

This powder will not dissolve, but instead will be ‘suspended’ in a slightly gelatinous form. Mixing with a little water (like a porridge), eating this and then having a drink of water or tea is an ideal way to take it. You can also add to porridge, breakfast cereals, mix with nut, coconut or dairy milk, stewed fruit or yoghurt. Combine with smoothie bowls and chia puddings.


Take the powder at least one hour after other medicines. The mucilage can decrease how much medicine the body absorbs, thus taking slippery elm at the same time you take medications by mouth can decrease the effectiveness of your medication. To prevent this interaction, take slippery elm at least one hour after medications you take by mouth.

Not to be used in children under 2 years of age without guidance from your Health Care Practitioner
If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.


Ulmus rubr is a rare and threatened plant in some parts of the USA [ref]. This is the result of overharvesting and due to pests diseases that also affect other Elm tress. Harvesting the inner bark can kill the tree, and thus you should never purchase it from wild-harvested sources.

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