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Avocado oil 100% Pure Organic


Certified organic, cold pressed avocado oil.


RICH EARTH 100% pure certified organic cold pressed Avocado oil 100mL Persea americana

Excellent skin care oil for mature and dry skin or as a general nourishing agent for all skin types.

Avocado oil is one of the richest in nutrients, and is absorbed readily into the skin. Suitable for people with nut allergies.

Use on it’s own or blend with lighter carrier oils such as sweet almond oil Add essential oils of your choice (see my other listings) for a unique moisturiser or massage oil just for you.

Totally edible – in fact is has a better profile than olive oil! Certified organic.


Pure, cold pressed, unrefined certified organic Avocado oil

It’s no secret that avocados are one of nature’s healthiest foods. Eating an avocado a week is great for your skin, improves circulation and provides some important nutrients.  Avocados can even help you lose weight when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise! The secret of this fruit’s success is it’s oil, which is about 77% of the total calories of avocado.

Check out 9 Reasons why You should be using Rich Earths’ 100% pure, cold-pressed Organic Avocado Oil.

1. Rich Source of Oleic Acid

The monounsaturated fatty acid, oleic acid, is very high in organic avocado oil.  This is the same fatty acid for which olive oil became famous. Oleic acid is known to have several positive effects in the body, including lowering risk of some cancers, preventing flaREups of certain auto-immune diseases, speeding cell regeneration and wound healing, aiding the body in repelling and eliminating microbial infections, as well as reducing inflammation.

Oleic acid is highly resistant to oxidation, meaning that avocado oil won’t go rancid as quickly as many other oils when stored for long periods of time. Avocado oil has a higher flash-point than olive oil, so is better for cooking at higher temperatures (stir fry, sauté, etc) without being damaged by the heat so easily (characterised by smoking oil in the pan).

2. Keep Your Heart Healthy

Avocado oil has a particularly high concentration of beta-sitosterol, a compound which can aid the conversion  of less healthy fats into forms which are more usable and less damaging to cells. Because avocado oil is anti-inflammatory, it can help lower the risk of heart disease caused by deposits building up on the arteries.

For more great tips on balancing your cholesterol and reducing your heart disease risk read more here.

3. Natural Source of Vitamin E

Avocado oil is one of our highest sources of the fat soluble vitamin E. This vitamin is known for improving skin and eye health, supporting the recycling of your vitamin C – thus aiding the immune system, and providing protection against damage to cells caused by free-radicals.  Vitamin E may also aid memory and mental acuity.

Because we absorb  most nutrients much more efficiently from food than from supplements, you’ll definitely want to add organic cold-pressed avocado oil to your natural health shopping list!

4. Support Healthy Digestion

If you find that you are troubled by heart burn or reflux, adding a little avocado oil to your food may aid in coating the lining of your digestive tract to settle things down. If reflux is an ongoing issue and you also have gas/burping, bloating and less-than-optimal bowel habits, we strongly recommend an appointment to evaluate underlying causes.

5. Help Lose Weight

The high content of oleic acid in avocado oil can help with weight loss – especially when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, there’s more to it than that. Avocado oil is thick and nutrient-dense, meaning that it will make you feel fuller faster and keep your appetite at bay for longer.

Organic Avocado oil is fabulous to use for salad  dressings. Drizzle it on by itself, pair it with your favourite vinegar or blend it with some garlic and lemon juice for a mayonnaise-like texture.

6. Strengthen Your Skin

The vitamins and minerals in avocado oil are not only nourishing for the inside of your body, they can also feed you from the outside in. Boost your skin’s ability to regenerate skin cells by moisturising with avocado oil, or add a little to your favourite skin cream. The essential fatty acids, vitamin E and lecithin – the primary skin-feeding nutrients in the oil – are all easily absorbed through the outermost layer of the skin and transported easily into the deeper layer to provide energy for the growth and health of new skin. Adding some of the super-skin oils, such as rosemary verbenone, everlasting, patchouli and rose are a fabulous way to enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

You can read more about essential oils and skin care here.

7. Aid Hair Growth

The same nutrients in avocado oil which make it ideal for moisturising and feeding skin are also exceptionally nourishing for your hair. After shampooing, apply warm avocado oil as a heat treatment.  Wrap in a warm towel to encourage deep penetration.  We recommend adding a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil for a super-hair treat to promote healthier and faster growth of new strands. You can also massage a smaller amount into your hair ends to prevent it drying out and to improve both the appearance and structure of your hair. If hair loss is an issue, add cedarwood and rosemary oils to stimulate the circulation and massage into the scalp well.

8. Alleviate Inflammation & Itchy Scalp

Oleic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Also the thickness of the oil means that conditions such as eczema (add kunzea oil to relieve itching, dandruff (add a few drops of geranium and manuka essential oils for scalp health), cracked heels (carrot seed oil to help heal), sunburn (lavender fine to help heal) psoriasis will benefit from a generous application.

9. Accelerate Wound Healing

Just as avocado oil helps the body to grow healthier and stronger skin, it can also speed up the healing process, especially for dry skin. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the area, try treating damaged skin caused by cuts, scrapes, burns, raw skin from blisters or rashes, sunburn, bug bites and stings, and other wounds with a drop or two of avocado oil. Your skin will heal faster and with less chance of scarring. Mix with Rich Earth Rosehip Oil and Lavender Fine to get the ultimate scar-reducing combo.

Need more ideas for healing the skin?  Click Here for an overview of essential oils and skin care, or Click Here to read about Essential oils and Acne

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