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Why Cleanse Yourself of Parasites?

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by Sharon Erdrich
The types of complaints experienced by people who have parasites are quite variable. They can include allergic-type symptoms, skin problems, all types of bowel/digestive problems, and behavioural problems, especially in children. The most common complaints of parasite infections are:

  • dark circles under or around the eyes
  • hyperactivity (usually in children, but occasionally with adults)
  • itching around the anal area
  • abnormal weight (over or underweight)
  • Children are often underweight
  • excess mucus production (upper respiratory)
  • Brassy (deep) cough
  • skin lesions (especially those that come and go)
  • Bed wetting
  • lack of energy
  • anaemia
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Recurring headaches
  • chronic illness ( people who are always sick from one or another)
  • Constant picking of nose
  • Teeth grinding


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Parasites are a very primitive life form and are very successful. As far as we know, some type of parasite has parasitized every animal. Many of them are worms and most of them are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye. The correct definition of parasites is a “life form that lives off of another life form to its benefit and to the host’s (the animal infected by the parasite) detriment”. Interestingly, this paradigm is changing as we learn more about the co-operative role that has evolved due to co-existence.

The treatment for parasites has been a part of just about everyone’s culture no matter where they live on the planet. In our society we have strayed away from taking a parasite cleanse on a regular cyclical basis because of a reliance on modern medicine and the concepts which all but ignore the possibility of parasitic infections in people who live in an industrialized society. For some reason, we believe that if you live in the modern world, you do not get parasites unless you live or work with animals or travel to places commonly referred to as “underdeveloped”. This is a misconception – parasites do not have geographical boundaries, they are commonly transmitted by both water and all types of food, as well as via contact with animals. Many people who are vegetarians believe they will not get parasites because they do not eat meat. However, there are many, many parasites that contaminate green leafy vegetables and other plant foods.

A parasite cleanse for a combination of the above problems is best treated with an eight-week parasite cleanse. It is recommended that people do a two-week parasite cleanse once or twice a year – as long as there are no associated symptoms, otherwise the longer program is recommended. It’s good to tag your at least annual clean-out to a season change, and many people find it easier to tag it to having a Spring Clean.

Children are commonly infected with parasites and suffer the associated problems. For this reason we recommend that children receive a 2 week cleanse twice a year or more if you suspect that there is a parasitic problem. Anti-parasite products are available in liquid or powdered form for small children and individuals who have difficulty swallowing capsules and tablets.

Adults should treat themselves for parasites, especially if they plan to travel and risk exposure to a wider variety of parasites, and again when they return.

There are various ways to clear intestinal parasites.

Getting yourself onto a comprehensive program, such as the Herbal Detox is one way to do it. However this may not be so appropriate for children and those with very sensitive systems. This is when professional guidance is recommended.

It is advisable to not rely on one product for eliminating parasites. Many parasites are resistant to one or another product and sometimes people have more than one parasite at the same time. Hence the best approach is to cover all bases.

If you put this into practice with yourself and your family, it is very likely that you will find that eliminating parasites from your intestines is one of the most important things you can do to help treat existing problems and prevent new health issues developing in the future.





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