10 Steps to Better Digestion in 10 Days – Day 9

Day 9: Workout for a Digestive Tune-up

How often do you exercise? Are you getting enough every week? Did you know that getting your body moving can help food make it’s way through your digestive system?

Exercise involves using abdominal muscles and your diaphragm (refer to Day 8), both of which help food to move through the digestive system normally. Moderate exercise decreases how long it takes for stool to move through your system.

Walking at least 30 minutes every day is an absolute minimum. It is important to find – and use – other ways to move, no matter what your job or lifestyle. If exercise seems to move things along too well, that’s also not abnormal, as movement helps move food contents, gas, and stool along the digestive tract!

Increasing your fibre (see Day 4) can help with this. But if symptoms persist, or fibre makes your digestion worse, we recommend an appointment to assess the problem further. Lifestyle coaching, including exercise tips, are all part of a holistic approach to health, such as provided by a naturopathic consultation.

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THE NEXT STEP: Obeying the Call of Nature!




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