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Preventative Healthcare

Do you, or a family member, have a history of any of the following:

If you can say “yes” to any of the above YOU ARE AT RISK

What is prevention?

To do all one can to promote good health and habits and reduce the likelihood of chronic or debilitating illnesses.

  • Changing self-destructive behaviour (such as smoking, excessive sugar intake etc)
  • mastering stress
  • exercising regularly
  • minimising allergies
  • shedding excess weight
  • ensuring proper sleep plus good nutrition, which includes eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables according to your Metabolic Type
  • having a regular intake of good quality protein, are all preventative measure that we all can take.

Specific strategies may be required to reduce the likelihood or impact of some conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, age-related cognitive decline and so on.




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