Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing is the scientific methodology for customized nutrition and is based on the fact that THERE IS NO UNIVERSALLY HEALTHY DIET that is right for all people.  Anyone can use Metabolic Typing to find out exactly which foods are good for their health, and those that are not.

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Through computer analysis, by a patented program, Metabolic Typing® interprets and understands body language, which is the body’s means of communicating its physical, mental, emotional and behavioral characteristics, as well as its efficiency and homeostatic balance, through which individual, genetically-based nutritional requirements may be understood and applied.

Metabolic Typing® is based on the understanding that although there are tens of thousands of biochemical reactions that take place in your body every day, they all fall under the control of only a few fundamental homeostatic controls. It is the inherited various strengths and weaknesses in these control mechanisms that define our biochemical individuality and makes each of us unique. Importantly, every food and every nutrient has very specific effects on these controls. For this reason, not knowing one’s Metabolic Type makes it impossible to know which foods or nutrients are best for each person.

  • Metabolic Typing® explains why it is that a given diet/nutritional therapy works for one patient, has little or no effect on another, and can actually worsen a third.
  • Metabolic Typing® explains why two people with the same disease require biochemically opposite approaches to get well.
  • Metabolic Typing® explains why it is that for every book that says one thing about nutrition, you can find another book that says the opposite.
  • Metabolic Typing® reveals why there will never be one diet that is right for everyone and why a given diet will cause one to lose weight, while another to gain weight.
  • Metabolic Typing® explains how someone can eat organic foods, take the best supplements money can buy, exercise regularly, sleep well, and still not feel well.
  • Metabolic Typing® also identifies nutritional supplements that will make you as healthy as you can be and will keep you from wasting your money on those that would make you tired and sick.

Is Metabolic Typing® Right for You?

Perhaps you’ve reached the point where you think or even know that nutrition is important if you ever want to get well and stay well. It’s just common sense, right? But you’ve also come to find that the field of nutrition is quite baffling. And even though the information explosion has made more information available than ever before, it’s also made it even harder to find what’s really true and right for you or decide just what to do.

Has the information explosion brought confusion instead of clarity to your questions about nutrition? If you’re interested in nutrition and are looking for answers to a health problem or are simply looking for a way to stay healthy, your search may have led you to ask some of these questions . . .

  • Why is the Atkins Diet only a temporary solution? Why can’t I KEEP the weight off over the long term?
  • Why is it that my best friend’s nutritional supplements work absolute miracles for her, but make me feel lousy?
  • What is the right diet for me? — Atkins? Ornish? South Beach Diet? High protein diet? High carb diet? Is there a “right diet” for me?
  • Why does a low fat, low protein, high complex carbohydrate diet RAISE cholesterol in some people instead of lower it?
  • Why does taking a nutritional product help one person with a problem but not another with the same problem?
  • How can one “best selling” book say one thing about nutrition, and the other best seller say just the opposite?
  • Why will a certain diet give my friend energy and help her to lose weight but make me tired and GAIN weight?
  • Why is it that I eat the best organic foods, buy the most expensive supplements, exercise ’till I’m blue in the face, get my 8 hours sleep, and still end up feeling like I can barely make it through the day?

If you’ve been asking yourself questions like these, but haven’t been getting the answers you’re looking for, take the guesswork out of your search for health! Find out exactly what’s right for you! The answers you’ve been looking for may be found through Metabolic Typing, based on over 25 years of research in this exciting field.

Everywhere you look, there are contradictions. Your friend tells you one thing. You read about just the opposite in a health magazine. And a hot new best seller at your local book store says something quite different altogether.

And, maybe you’ve learned from your own experience that what works for one person, doesn’t help a second and can actually make a third person worse! How can there be so much confusion and contradiction about something that is supposed to be so good for you?

The reason is that 90% of the people talking about nutrition know just enough to be dangerous. They know that nutrition can be the answer, but they don’t know how to use it properly. And, yes, it is a two-edged sword: If you use it properly, it can help make you well. But, if you use it improperly, it can help make you sick or keep you that way.

The wrong way to think about nutrition is that one diet is right for everyone!

You know that you are unique! You know one shoe size doesn’t fit all. You know that everyone is as unique as their fingerprints. So, why would anyone ever think that one diet is right for everyone? Or, that what works nutritionally for one person would work for another as well?

The fact is, you really can eat the best organic foods, exercise regularly, drink plenty of fluids, get sufficient rest, take the finest supplements that money can buy . . . and still not feel well, or even start feeling worse than before!

So, what is the answer?

The Answer Is To Find Out What Is Right For You using Metabolic Typing®!

Not what some book says. Not what a friend says. Not what the latest fad says is right. You need to find out exactly what is right for YOU! A nutritional program that is tailored specifically for your kind of metabolism and that will meet the special and unique nutritional needs of the one and only you .

Where can you get that kind of information? . . .

Metabolic Typing® provides you with your individualized metabolic lifestyle program. We believe:

  • the body is designed to be healthy
  • good health is everyone’s birthright
  • the ability to experience radiant health is part of the genetic code built into every cell in your body
  • what you need to do in order to reclaim your birthright is to understand what YOUR body needs as opposed to someone else’s, in order to function the way it was designed to function.

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How do I find out my Metabolic Type®?

It’s simple – by completing a detailed on-line questionnaire. The results are emailed to your Certified Metabolic Typing® practitioner and you will be contacted to make an appointment to discuss them.

The on-line questionnaire is very comprehensive. You are asked to provide information about your physical self, your emotional tendencies and your food preferences and reactions to foods. The advantage of the on-line questionairre is that you can complete it in your own home, at your own pace. You can do it in part and complete the rest later. Difficulties arise if you find it hard to answer questions about the ways you react to different foods – but you can pause the questionnaire and come back to it after testing that food.

How Much Does it Cost?

Undertaking the on-line questionnaire is just NZ$75.

You are then advised to book a half hour (minimum) appointment with our certified Metabolic Typing® Consultant – at which you will receive:

  • your full report in colour- a half-hour results session in clinic or by phone (phone charges not included)
  • detailed guidelines for implementing the diet including sample menu plans
  • shopping guidelines and much more


You will require a minimum of one half-hour appointment to discuss your results. This may be done by telephone. The cost of this is payable at the time of the appointment.

Bottom Line: Unless you match your nutrition to your metabolism, you’ll only be wasting your time and money!

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