Functional Tests

Functional tests focus on actual bodily functions as markers of health, rather than merely looking at disease states and markers of disease. Samples of your blood, saliva, urine, stool, hair or breath can be used to determine the function of a number of processes in your body.

At House of Health we offer a wide range of functional tests that can pinpoint areas of dysfunction in your body. Rather than waiting for disease to develop, we believe there is merit in identifying and addressing functional imbalances before they become overt illness. This is health care at it’s best.

In addition to regular blood tests offered by physicians, such as full blood count, glucose, cholesterol and thyroid tests etc, we offer unique functional tests that most regular doctors don’t do. Routine tests aim to assess diseases and monitor sickness and as such are excellent tools for diagnosing disease, but with the emergence of functional and nutritional medicine, and array of tests have been developed to identify imbalances and interactions of your body’s systems.

Functional Tests (In-House)

At House of Health we are able to perform the following tests at an appointment. Extra charges may apply.

* these tests can also be done at home enquire here.

Send-Away Tests

Though we can’t list every test available, here is a sampling of the wide range of tests available through our clinic. Note that most of these tests are sent to overseas laboratories, simply because we don’t have the population in NZ to support such specialised labs. For chronic conditions, functional laboratory tests can help identify the true cause of your dysfunction.

Digestive pain, food allergy test

Digestive Health Assessments

Tests for Food Intolerances

True allergies are relatively uncommon. Most folk with food-related problems need to have the underlying cause identified and addressed.  Once this is healed, many reactive foods can later be reintroduced to the diet.

Serum IgG and IgE Antibody Panels for Foods, Spices and Herbs 

This test involves taking a blood sample which is sent to US Biotek in the USA for analysis using reputable ELISA methodology. Every analyte tested is run in complete duplicate for precision, to ensure consistently reproducible results.

The simplest version of this a comprehensive food allergy test covers 96 foods. A vegetarian option is also available. Add-on panels of an extra 15 foods, 48 herbs and spices. IgG is also available on it’s own.

Fructose intolerance breath test

Lactose malabsorption breath test

NOTE: we do not provide or recommend using hair to test for allergies. There is insufficient evidence that this method has any merit.

Gluten intolerance

Tests for Minerals and Toxins

Body Toxin and Mineral Status Laboratory certified analysis of minerals and toxic metals in human hair.  Testing using hair is a painless, non-invasive way to assess the mineral and toxin (heavy metal) status of the body. Mineral nutrients and trace elements are needed by the body in both the correct amounts and appropriate ratios. It can be extremely destructive to take mineral nutrients and trace element supplements (calcium, magnesium, selenium, etc.) without knowing the exact internal levels and balance of minerals and trace elements. Analysis of body tissue is the most most reliable method to measure the mineral and trace element levels and balance in the human body and to test for the presence of the greatest range of toxic materials. Hair is a convenient tissue to use for testing. Prior to a hair mineral test being taken, will be given instructions regarding shampoo types, hair dyes etc. In the absence of head hair, pubic hair may be used (not a mix). A sample report can be found here (PDF)

NOTE: We do not offer hair allergy tests as there is no evidence validating them as a reliable diagnostic tool.

Toxic Burden – Environmenal toxins (Urine) Measure of your daily excretion of minerals and toxins. For a sample report, click here.

Organic Pollutants (Solvents, Phthlates etc)

Organic Acids TestMarkers of Toxic Burden (Detox pathways) and DNA damage (Urine)

environmental pollution
Stress test cortisol

 Metabolic Function Tests

Osteoporosis test (Bone resorption test) Also known as Urinary Telopeptides. This is an assessment of your bone resorption. It is a simple, direct urinary measure useful in identifying current rate of bone loss and to monitor how effective bone support therapies are. It has a number of advantages over Bone Density Scanning, which uses radiation, which is a well-known cancer-causing energy and is subject to error and interpretation. By contrast, the bone resorption test gives information relating to the rate of bone turnover now.  When bone breakdown exceeds bone building, the by-products (telopeptides) are measurable in the urine and the effectiveness of nutritional interventions to correct this are able to be determined quickly.

Comprehensive Urinary Metabolic Profile (Also known as Urinary Organic Acids Test)

* this is our preferred stool test for bacterial ecology in your gut. 

For any tests not listed, please contact us.